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Prof Dr Peter Gendolla, born 1950, studied Art History, Philosophy and Literary Studies in Hanover and Marburg, he gained his Ph.D. in 1979 and habilitated in 1987. Since 1996 he is Professor of Literature, Art, New Media and Technologies at the University of Siegen. He is Deputy Speaker of the "Forschungskolleg Medienumbrüche" as well as in charge of this research project.

Dr Jörgen Schäfer, born 1967, studied Literary Studies, History and Politics in Siegen and Liverpool (UK). He taught at the Universities of Siegen and Cardiff (UK). He published several books and essays on modernist and avant-garde literature, popular culture and media studies.

Fariborz Mansouri, born in 1964, studied film, and Television studies,journalism and Communication Studies and comparative literature in Bochum Since then , he has been working as author of interactive multimedia projects at the Universities of Dortmund, Bochum and Siegen.

Patricia Tomaszek, born in 1982. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree (2005) and a Master of Arts in Literature, Culture and Media at the University of Siegen, Germany (2008). Scholarship Recipient of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2007, graduate student in the Literary Arts Program at Brown University. Since 2007 Research Associate of the Electronic Literature Organization. Research interests: educational media and net literature.

Timo Rehmann, born in 1976, studies Germanistik and Literary Studies. As new media freelancer he engages with management of information, content and knowledge. Therefore he supports the team publishing digital resources.

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