Beyond the Screen

Scholarly Editing and the Net

15.20-16.10: Fotis Jannidis (Darmstadt, Germany)

Abstract: Web 1.0 was mainly used to publish editions on the net. Web 2.0 is also affecting the production of editions. A new generation of tools is coming into existence, many of them as web services, and access to these services and their seamless integration into a GUI which makes them useable for the ordinary scholar are tasks for many projects at the moments. These new tools are not stand-alone products but usually they are part of the new e-humanities infrastructures which are built at the moment. These tools and the emerging infrastructures would allow totally new concepts of editions but a closer look reveals that the traditionally practices of scholarly editing are only in parts determined by the boundaries of the medium book. They are equally if not more determined by the rules how scholars accrue symbolic capital in their disciplines, and these rules haven't changed. The presentation will discuss the project Textgrid in this context. Digital Editions 2.0

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